Where You Are

There is a quote from an early 20th century mystic, Edgar Cayce, who just happened to be from Kentucky, that I think is very fitting in this case: When there is a start to be made, don’t step over! Start where you are. This blog will concern documentation through photography of vulnerable old houses and structures scattered throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. Though, they won’t all be threatened by neglect or demolition, such is the case with my house. It is an early 19th century Federal located in a small south central Kentucky town named Franklin. The restoration is a labor of love for us since we’re preserving history. From our research, we think that it was built prior to 1819 when Simpson County was formed from Logan County. Restoring an old house is not an easy task but we are preserving one of the earliest houses in the area, one of the very few left. Old structures are tangible records of history. They tell us stories. They provide continuity in the places that we live. They usually have workmanship that surpasses anything constructed now.

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