Keysburg, KY

Not much in Keysburg, Kentucky other than a little store and this abandoned church at a crossroad. It’s located half-way between Adairsville and Guthrie, Kentucky. I discovered it a couple of years ago while taking a road that I had not travelled. Naturally, its deteriorating state caught my eye.  Peering inside one of the windows, I noticed that there was a desk stacked with various handbags.  As my friend Peri  wondered, “Looks like the church ladies threw their bags on the table and fled…”  I’m always fascinated with the remnants left in old buildings, what story they can tell… interiordoors

5 responses to “Keysburg, KY

  1. I grew up in the Keysburg Logan Co Ky area. It was a very busy little hamlet and very self sufficient. Mostly farmers but many craftsmen. My Prince family was one of the original settlers of the area.


  2. Keysburg was once much larger. It was burned by the Federal Army during the Civil War. At that time it had a population of more than 500 people, making it the second largest town in Logan County. I grew up between Keysburg and Adams, Tennessee

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    • Wow, I had no idea. That is very interesting! I’m always fascinated by these places, by their remnants. I start imagining how they might have been. Are you still in the area? Another place not too faraway that I have some photos of is Allensville; hoping to post them this weekend.


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