To Hell and Back

1910252_45473143374_4106_nIt has been a while since I last posted and have felt guilty about it. With the warm months, all my free time is devoted to tending to my gardens of heirloom roses, flowers, herbs and a few vegetables. Now that the leaves are turning and Halloween is on the horizon, I am feeling the need to write again. Halloween is only a few days away so I thought it might be interesting to feature a cemetery since it is the time of the year when the veil between the living and the spirit world is the thinnest. My husband and I visited this cemetery a few years back because I wanted to do something interesting on my birthday. No going out to a restaurant for me,I wanted to visit one of the supposed Gates of Hell. The actual name is Kasey/Casey Cemetery, located not far from Elizabethtown on the Hardin/Breckinridge County line, in a remote area where the road dead ends. A number of postings on the internet stated that it had people buried there as early as the 1700s. The earliest gravesite that I could find listed on various sites about cemeteries in KY is for Jake Casey who died in 1859; however, my husband stated that he saw two headstones with 1790 dates and that it was in the area he picked up EVPs. Also, several postings were pretty claimed there was evidence of satanic rituals but there was none when we visited; however, I did a find newspaper article from 2003 about a ghost hunting group from Louisville discovering the remains of several animals that appeared to have been “sacrificed”. The saddest thing is that people have vandalized this old cemetery, breaking off the headstones from the base as well as smashing them to pieces. Cemeteries are part of our cultural history and should be revered People who do things like that should have the crap scared out of them for desecrating these sites. Because of the vandalism, numerous No Trespassing signs are posted and it is recommended that you visit during the day, as we did.

Today, I discovered that there is a little community in Eastern Kentucky called Hell for Certain. What is it with Kentucky and Hell???????

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