A Chance Encounter


My resolution for this new year is to post more to this blog but the problem is trying to find the time. In order to start 2016 in a positive manner, I discovered some information by chance while doing research on the internet concerning another building that I will post about later. Kentucky has a lot of communities with odd names like Monkey Brow, Lickskillet and so on. It always makes me wonder how those names came about. This place is not far from a friend’s cabin in Adair County, near Columbia, Kentucky. The people that came up with the name were Henry and Betty and Barden. When establishing a post office, they thought naming it Barden would be confusing to carriers since it sounded similar to another nearby place, Hardin. So they decided to take a chance on “Chance”. This is not the original site of the first post office. Also, the old oak tree next to is magnificent and has to be close to 200 years old because it is so huge.


5 responses to “A Chance Encounter

  1. Hi Pam, what an intriguing find. Blogs like this always beckon the trespasser in me; were you able to go inside? I love the story, too! Best to you in 2016!

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