Extravagant Decay


Maybe it’s because I have a few days off for Christmas and then a few more for New Year’s but the creative spirit has been hanging around.  My head isn’t pre-occupied with work and fighting Nashville traffic so my mind can wander to those things I like.  Also, Franklin, KY where I live lost another historic house last week.  It was a grand Victorian on our main street, sitting behind a brick wall and located near a church and a bank.  Even though rumors were around for a number of years that it would probably be torn down, it still came as a surprise.  It was probably because somebody needed more parking spaces, valuing those more than a lovely old house.

The house featured here isn’t the Victorian.  This one is being neglected but still standing. These photos were taken two years ago when the house was wide open.  Fortunately, it has been boarded up but if someone really wants to get in there…  Like so many of the houses around here, it may end up being destroyed by a mysterious fire or torn down to make way for more crop fields. It’s just so sad to see this once grand house being neglected, falling to ruin.  The plaster medallions and molding are exquisite, not something you would normally see in rural homes.  Obviously, this was a prosperous farmer that built it.  And here it is, silently, decaying.




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