A Photo Is Worth a Million Doorways

When shooting, I’m always taking photos that I think will be interesting or evocative, that not only moves me but others as well.  A dear friend and neighbor that lives down the street from us is a writer and also a historic preservationist,  having restored a lovely old transitional Victorian. He approached me a couple of months ago about using one of my photographs.  I was elated and honored that he wanted to use  one of my photos as the cover of his second novel which was recently released.  It seems that the photo struck a chord with him.  It’s the opened front door of the Drane House which is featured in one of my postings here.  Doorways are symbolic of so many things. They can lead to many places, whether it’s to the present or to the other side…  Even though the house isn’t actually featured in the book, people familiar with South Central Kentucky will probably recognize some of the places and names  featured there.  You can purchase the book here:

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